A polar bear at Berlin Zoo attacks a 32 year old woman who entered its enclosure.

On Friday, a 32 year old woman was attacked by a polar bear at Berlin Zoo when she entered their enclosure during feeding time.

She suffered multiple bites before being rescued.

The woman, known as Mandy K, had to overcome a fence, a row of hedges, and a wall to gain access to the enclosure.

While the bear was being fed at Berlin Zoo, the woman jumped over the bars, resulting in injuries to her arms, legs, and back.

Although six zookeepers tried to distract the four bears, one of them continued to bite the victim’s arms and legs.

Eventually, the zookeepers scared the bear away and successfully rescued the woman.

Following surgery to mend her wounds, the 32-year-old woman is currently recuperating in the hospital. 

It was later revealed that she is a teacher who had been feeling hopeless due to her inability to secure a job.

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