A Remarkable Story of Zubaida Hasan’s Life

Zubaida Hasan, a nine years old Afghanistan girl, grew up in a small village where she had a normal life.

But in 2001, everything changed on a single day. When Zubaida heard the sudden explosion, she was turning on the small gas stove for her family. She caught fire, causing catastrophic damage.

One arm was fastened to her body and her facial skin melted into her chest. Zubaida’s father was told by a local doctor that her condition was hopeless and that she would not survive.

But Zubaida’s father insisted that his daughter not be put to death, and what transpired next was truly miraculous.

The doctors said there was nothing they could do after the terrible accident. They advised the father to bring the girl home, sleep over her, and allow her to die.

However, Zubaida’s father decided to take a chance and refused to give up. Despite the fact that the US military hospital typically does not accept civilians, he took Zubaida to a US military base in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. However, the girl was accepted because the doctors there saw how much she was suffering.

Zubaida was quickly flown to the United States, where she was taken care of by burn specialist plastic surgeon Peter Grossman.

Zubaida had multiple surgeries, each of which required skin grafts from other areas of her body.

Zubaida was a strong young woman who was also very determined. Zubaida impressed Dr. Grossman, and the two of them became good friends. The plastic surgeon and his wife welcomed her into their home, where they were able to support her through the difficult times.

After in 12 weeks, Zubaida learned how to speak English, she was enrolled in a nearby school, and she made a lot of new friends.

After just one year, Zubaida’s face was restored thanks to the hard work of the doctors and the girl’s strength. She was able to sing, play the guitar, and dance again.

Despite the fact that Zubaida’s initial doctors thought she was hopeless, the girl was given a second chance at life, and the transformation she underwent is unparalleled!

Watch Zubaida’s Oprah appearance here:

What a wonderful story! The incredible efforts of everyone who helped Zubaida smile once more impressed me! Make sure your friends can read this touching tale as well!