A Texas state trooper helps out an elderly woman whose tires need to be replaced but she can’t afford it.

Feeling discouraged due to her inability to cover the expenses of a fresh set of tires for her vehicle, an elderly woman in Texas attempted to depart from the repair shop, unaware that a state trooper overheard the unsettling dialogue she had with the mechanic.

Mary Summers, a 92 years old Texan lady, encountered a stroke of misfortune when she drove her car over a nail, causing a puncture in one of her tires. Seeking assistance at Integrity Tires in Richmond, Texas, to have the tire repaired, the elderly woman was informed that the cost of the repairs exceeded her financial means.

Omar Oregueda, the attending mechanic, sat down with Mary and clarified that her car posed a safety hazard due to all four tires being dangerously worn. There was no quick fix for the issue; they needed to be replaced, and the cost would amount to $600 for her.

Mary informed local news station KHOU, saying, “I am unable to afford replacing all the tires. I can only manage to replace one tire. Please inform me of the cost for this single tire.”

Despite Mary’s requests, Oregueda declined her appeal.

Oregueda clarified, “The tire on her car was beyond repair, and the remaining tires were in a severely deteriorated condition. They were already completely ruined.”

The incident was recorded on video at the repair shop and later obtained by local news station KHOU. In the footage, you can witness Mary’s disappointment as she receives the news. Gradually, she pulls her walker closer to her chair, lifts herself up to stand, and departs from the shop.

Unbeknownst to Mary, a Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Trooper was positioned directly behind her, attentively eavesdropping on their entire conversation.

Prior to departing from the shop, DPS Trooper Drew Stoner approached the desk situated behind Mary and left her an astounding surprise.

Shortly afterward, Omar came back to engage in a conversation with Mary, informing her that she would receive four brand new tires without incurring any expense.

Mary’s mouth dropped to the floor when she heard, “He said, ‘They’re paid for,’” she said. And I’m so upset over what he did that I find it difficult to even speak about it right now. He completed it and then departed.

Moved by a desire to extend kindness to the elderly woman, Oregueda decided to offer her a complimentary oil change as well, exemplifying his inspiring generosity.

Omar expressed, “When a person extends such care and support to a complete stranger, it reminds us all of the importance of looking out for one another. Let’s strive to take care of each other; that’s the essence of it all.”

Expressing gratitude towards the officer for his unexpected act of kindness, KHOU made efforts to locate and bring together Mary and Stoner, who paid her a visit at her residence.

Stoner clarified that his intention was not to seek attention but rather a deep instinct guided him to take action, ensuring the safety of Mary and other drivers on the road.

Reflecting on the situation, he shared, “I couldn’t help but think, ‘What if she drives on the road and one of the tires fails, leaving her stranded on the side of the road?’”

Overwhelmed with genuine appreciation, Mary embraced the trooper, expressing her heartfelt gratitude by saying, “I’m incredibly thankful for you. I’m immensely proud. It’s an honor to meet someone with such a generous heart. I truly love you.”

The heartwarming account of Trooper Doper coming to Mary’s rescue has gained significant traction on the internet, with individuals commending the officer’s spontaneous act of kindness.

One commenter expresses, “This trooper exemplifies the true spirit of America! He embodies the core values of our nation, where people help one another regardless of circumstances.” Another commenter succinctly states, “That’s a hero!”

In 2020, DPS Trooper Doper provided assistance to Mary, and the following year, he received the Medal of Valor, the highest distinction bestowed by the DPS. He was honored for his exceptional courage and unwavering commitment in apprehending a shooter and rescuing a woman who had sustained gunshot wounds, all of which occurred prior to the start of his shift.

DPS Trooper Drew Stoner is an authentic hero driven by a sincere desire to assist and benefit the community, rather than seeking personal acclaim. We are truly fortunate to have dedicated officers like him, and we would like to extend a heartfelt appreciation for his exceptional contributions and service.

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