A toddler of three years old reawakens during her own funeral, quickly transported to the hospital, but sadly passes away once more – may she find eternal peace.

People who hear about the afterlife frequently dismiss these stories as myths. However, a story that happened to the family of a 3 years old girl brought all of their fears together.

Three years old Camila Roxana Martinez Mendoza had high fever, vomiting, and pain in her stomach on August 17. This problem makes worrying her mother Mary Jane Mendoza, who made the decision to take her young daughter to the doctor.

In her native Villa de Ramos, she visited a pediatrician with her young child. The mother took her daughter to San Luis Potos in central Mexico since the local doctor believed her daughter’s condition was advanced and required more specialized medical treatment and assistance.

The Salinas de Hidalgo Basic Community Hospital was her next stop. Her lower body was covered in a cold cloth by medical professionals at the hospital, who also put an oximeter on her to monitor her oxygen levels.

The Doctor gave the young girl her freedom and prescribed paracetamol for her. But during the course of the next few hours, nothing but worsening occurred, leading her family to find another opinion. The next medical professional suggested eating more fruits and also gave another prescription.

Once even that proved ineffective, they sought the advice of a different physician, who suggested that the young girl should be admitted to the hospital immediately. Between nine and ten o’clock at night, she was taken to the hospital in Salinas where she was treated by medical professionals who also provided support for her care.

“They wished to conduct intravenous treatment to her. It takes time for them to administer oxygen to her. They couldn’t place it on her because they couldn’t find her tiny veins; eventually, a nurse performed it.” according to her mother.

They stopped the IV flow after 10 minutes and put Camila to sleep. “She kept holding me when they carried her away and instructed me to let her rest in peace.”

Unfortunately, Mendoza had been separated from her daughter and locked in a different room. She was able to go, but the medical staff refused to allow her to enter to the room where her daughter was.

A couple of minutes later, she learned that Camila had passed away from dehydration.

The following day, the family planned a memorial service for the deceased child’s funeral so that friends and relatives could grieve with them. Camila saw the coffin’s glass window freezing up during the service.

Her paternal grandma wished to take another look, but her family members forbade her from opening the coffin’s lid because they thought she was hallucinating. When she stared into the window, she noticed Camila’s eyes blinking, and upon examining, she even found a heartbeat!

After being brought back to the hospital in Salinas, the staff there did everything they could to try and bring back her. However, the tests were failed, and the young child was given the diagnosis of cerebral edema.

“My baby girl had actually reached that point. My kid is a very joyful child who got along with everyone and failed to single anyone out, therefore we are sad. She was loved by many people on the property, and they help us,” Mendoza added.

This week, Camila was supposed to begin kindergarten for the first time. Her second death certificate indicated dehydration combined with cerebral edema and metabolic failure, while her first death certificate only listed dehydration as the main cause of death.

” I really want justice to be done, that’s all.” Her distraught mother added, “I have no grudge toward the doctors [who] went to extraordinary [means].” She concluded, “I just beg that the physicians, nurses, and directors be changed in order to prevent it from happening again.

State Attorney General for San Luis Potosi Jose Luis Ruiz is investigating the incident, and an autopsy of Camila is also being performed. Her parents are requesting justice from the Government.

We can only hope that the Mendoza family will receive the justice and responses they are deserved.

What an awful sorrow to have to go through. Little Camila, rest in peace.