After a Baby girl was left in the woods inside a plastic bag and discovered alive, there has been an overwhelming many of people expressing their desire to adopt her.

While hiking near their residence in Forsyth County, three adolescent girls encountered peculiar noises in the woods. Perplexed, they couldn’t identify the source of the unusual sounds, which resembled the cries of a baby.

They looked at each other then as they argued whether a baby could possibly exist in the middle of the woods. They finally chose to ask for their father’s help, which turned out to be their best choice, despite how weird the idea was.

When their father, Alan Ragatz, arrived, he was shocked by what he saw. He found an abandoned newborn in a plastic bag that was just a few hours old and still had its umbilical cord attached.

The infant girl would not have lived if Alan and his daughters did not take action.

Reflecting on that fateful day, Kayla, one of Alan’s daughters, recollected, “We took our flashlights and started driving around, and we thought, ‘Those sounds don’t resemble an animal.’”

Upon informing Alan about their suspicion of hearing baby cries, he remembers responding, “That can’t be possible. It must be a baby raccoon, deer, or something.”

However, his daughters were correct, and we praise God that they acted quickly to save the infant.

Alan recalled, “We came down, lifted it up, and there was a helpless infant wrapped in a plastic bag. We dialed 911.” “It could have been worse, but she was alive and crying, which we considered a good sign. The reward goes to my daughters because they were the ones who persisted.”

Authorities were called after being informed, and the infant was moved to a safe place where she received the support and care she needed.

Without a doubt, the discovery of this children was a result of divine intervention. Sheriff Ron Freeman praised the Ragatz family and stated, “If it weren’t for these citizens, we’d be having a different discussion.

The fact that the baby, named India by her rescuers, survived without any injuries was a genuine miracle and a testament to divine intervention. Despite the manner in which she was abandoned by her mother, she emerged unharmed.

The heartwarming tale of adorable India quickly gained widespread attention, captivating the interest of numerous individuals eager to provide her with the loving home that her biological parents did not. In fact, over a thousand people expressed their willingness to adopt her. Tom Rawlings, the director of the state Division of Family and Children Services, remarked, “We have received an overwhelming response, with literally thousands of people from all over the country and other regions of North America stepping forward, expressing their desire to adopt Baby India.”

Fortunately, Princess India is currently flourishing and eagerly anticipating the arrival of her new parents. “She’s gaining weight and radiating joy. She’s a contented baby who adores being embraced and sung to, and she’s flourishing in every way,” added Rawlings.

At present, the entire country is expressing their affection and sending their heartfelt wishes to this resilient little heroine who never ceased her fight for life and made every effort for her pleas to be heard.

Our utmost desire is for baby India to have a bright future filled with blessings.

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