After enduring ridicule as a baby for having white hair. Now, he appears completely content and in excellent physical condition several years later.

Most of parents want to take newborn photos of their kids and share them with others. Patricia Williams was no different in this way. She took a tender picture of her son. But she encountered a bad surprise when she tried to share his images to others.

Redd, Patricia’s son, was born in 2012. The young boy had white hair from birth, however his mom failed to begin recognizing other characteristics of him until he turned two months old.

When her husband Dale decided to investigate why the baby’s eyes were moving from side to side he was shocked to learn that it was a sign frequently associated with albinism. Patricia was doubtful because she hadn’t ever heard this word before, but the young boy showed all the symptoms of albinism, including pale skin, white hair, and tracking eyes.

The couple’s next move was to consult a geneticist and an optometrist in order to receive a formal diagnosis. It was established that Redd had Oculocutaneous Albinism Type 1 (OCA1), a disorder affecting 1 in 17,000 individuals worldwide.

When Redd was born, Patricia remembers the joy among the hospital personnel, who were all eager to meet the newborn with the white hair and blue eyes. However, Patricia wasn’t blinking an eye at the moment because she, her husband, and her firstborn son, Gage, also had blonde hair.

A month after they were able to bring Redd home, she remembered noticing that his hair was so white that it would shine in the son. His eyes would follow her despite his attempts to block them, and he would not turn them away. He also had extremely blue eyes that under certain lighting conditions, would glitter red.

Patricia was certain that her son would outgrow these characteristics, but she didn’t understand it was a lifetime thing until her second son was born with the same condition.

Rockwell, who was born in February 2018, was born with a similar illness as his elder sibling. Social media users stole the newborn baby boy’s photos and used them to create vile memes.

Redd was also being the target of bullying at school, when kids made fun of his appearance. As a result, his older brother Gage started to watch out for him. However, Rockwell’s family was perfectly prepared because they were well-informed about albinism at the time of his birth. However, they weren’t expecting that the images of their young son would become a meme.

Dale and Patricia initially tried to convince everyone who posted the photo to take it down, but they soon realized that this was impossible, so they made the decision to simply ignore the whole thing.

In order to prevent bullying of children with the disorder for being unique, they made the decision to work as supporters for spreading awareness about it. Patricia became quite unhappy when specialists confirmed Redd’s albinism.

She felt worried about how the kid was going to be treated later on as a result of being unique and about how the dynamics of their family would change if they had a child that burnt quickly and ended up blind in the future.

She emphasized the significance of Rockwell’s attentiveness. In her words, “It’s very uncommon to see a baby with white hair, and Rockwell’s hair sticks straight up, which makes it very noticeable.”

She gained a large of followers as pictures of her son turned into a popular meme. She quickly began to get inquiries regarding her son’s appearance and realized that not many people were aware of albinism.

She understood that most of the information people had regarding albinism was coming from obscure films with poor representation. She believed she had an unusual chance to raise concerns about albinism as a result.

Redd transferred from a special school for blind children to a public school after having eye surgery to treat his strabismus. The family made a wise choice in having the procedure because it really benefited Redd.

Redd’s eye patch could have more stood out and drawn unwanted attention, so they decided against it in favor of surgery. Redd grew older, his friends began to pay less attention to his unique qualities.

Redd might be playing outside with a hat, dark shades, and sunscreen, but other than that, they didn’t know he needed anything special. His younger brother Rockwell experienced success in a manner similar to that of Redd.

Patricia published a video of Rockwell during his school’s “Western Day” on April 28, 2023, and for the first time the young boy was greeted with a lot of love and appreciation on social media. People referred to the young kid as “cute” and “adorable.”

There’s a common misunderstanding that those with albinism have red eyes, according to Patricia. She claimed that because their eyes lack color, they usually have eyes of light blue.

Meanwhile the young men are doing great and having the time of their lives!

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