After having one son, Mom later becomes pregnant with twin boys, and upon seeing the ultrasound for her third pregnancy, her husband faints.

Nia Tolbert was filled with joy upon discovering her third pregnancy. She and her husband Robert already had a six years old named Shai, along with twin boys, Riley and Alexander, aged two.

With her third pregnancy, Nia noticed a distinct change, as it felt more intense, and her body seemed to know precisely what to do, leading to a rapid growth, which she attributed to this familiar process.

During Nia’s ultrasound appointment, the medical staff inquired about her family’s history of multiple births, leading her to discover she was pregnant with twins. Following this revelation, the doctor decided to perform another scan, which delivered some news that made Nia feel uneasy to share with her husband. In the end, she decided to leave him a note before going on a trip.

Her hesitance was justified when Robert saw the scan and fainted in response.

Nia remembered the instance when the nurse disclosed that she was expecting triplets.

She told me, ‘”Actually, there are three babies,’” Tolbert recounted. “And I jokingly asked, ‘Could you please make sure there aren’t four?’” she added, as reported by

It is uncommon to conceive triplets naturally, particularly when the mother has already experienced having twins.

Nia, aged 28, would come to realize that she has hyperovulation, a condition in which her body releases more than one egg during ovulation.

The enthusiastic mother was concerned that if she informed her husband, he might not return home, so she decided to leave him a note before embarking on a pre-arranged trip to visit a friend in Florida.

Nia presented her husband with a handwritten card that read, “Please accept this gift from me and God.”

Robert recounted the moment, saying, “I opened the bag and found an extremely long sonogram. Then, to my surprise, there were three onesies inside the bag, numbered 1, 2, and 3.”

Overwhelmed by the revelation, Robert admitted, “I passed out. After blinking a couple of times, I realized, ‘Whoa, this is real life.’”

Perfectly even
During a gender reveal party, the couple received the surprising news that they would be having three girls, which initially left them stunned. However, they have now regained composure and are preparing to warmly welcome their triplet daughters into the world.

“We’re already making preparations for our expanded household. It will be perfectly balanced now, with three little girls and three little boys,” Nia mentioned.

In the realm of family life, love serves as the lubricant that diminishes friction, the adhesive that binds us together, and the melody that harmonizes our hearts.

Nia and Robert exude immense love for their children, creating an atmosphere of happiness and beauty in their household.

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