After his son is called as a “Monster,” a father of idaho gives a harsh lesson to those who tormented him.

Jackson Bezzant is a typical young elementary school student. He’s a merry young fellow who appreciates fishing, being outside, and investing energy with his loved ones.

Jackson is just different from other kids in that he was born with a condition called Treacher Collins syndrome. It affects the development of facial tissues and bones.

In Jackson’s case, this implies that he almost entirely lost his hearing and had surgery to repair his eye socket.

Furthermore, it has made him experience consistent harassing at school from children and surprisingly, a few grown-ups. At the point when he figured out that his child had been known as a “beast” at school, his dad in Idaho felt “obliterated.” From that point forward, the steamed dad eventually pursued the choice that enough was sufficient and went determined to show his kid’s victimizers a thing or two. Dan, Jackson’s dad, has frequently seen this harassing.

While strolling with his son, he remembers a woman passing by, commenting, “Did you see that little boy’s face?”

Despite facing his son’s torment, Dan usually kept his composure and devoted all his efforts to ensuring his son’s happiness and stability—an arduous task for any parent witnessing their child’s suffering. Nevertheless, a recent incident at school compelled Dan to break his silence, as he could no longer bear to remain passive.

While Jackson Bezzant was having breakfast in the school cafeteria, three older boys approached him and began taunting the young child, cruelly labeling him “ugly” and a “monster.”

Helpless, Jackson endured the harsh teasing until a teacher’s assistant noticed and intervened to prevent the situation from escalating further.

Upon hearing the story, Dan was deeply moved to tears, but the matter was far from resolved.

Although Jackson had experienced bullying in the past, Dan was resolute in ensuring this would be the final occurrence. He was determined to send a clear message to all those who tormented his son: enough was enough.

Driven by the constant pain of witnessing his young son being bullied, mocked, and humiliated, Dan hurriedly took to Facebook to express his emotions and denounce the bullies.

Dan’s heartfelt message :

“My heart is shattered, and my soul feels like it’s tearing from my chest.”

He continued, “My son Jackson, this wonderful young boy, has to face an incessant stream of hurtful remarks and profound ignorance like I’ve never seen before. Day in and day out, his peers at school label him as ugly, a freak, and a monster. He’s not even 8 years old, and yet he talks about suicide.”

“He asserts that he feels despised by everyone and lacks any friends. Children push him and hurl pebbles while shouting these dreadful remarks. Take a moment to reflect on what you would do if your child faced this situation. Take the time to educate your kids about individuals with disabilities. Have a conversation with them about empathy and the importance of loving one another.”

“His illness is called Treacher Collins; you can research it yourself. He has already undergone numerous gruesome surgeries, with more to come,” wrote Dan.

Dan refuses to blame the school or the teachers for the bullying that Jackson had to endure, and he encourages others not to do so either. Instead, he believes the responsibility lies with the parents who failed to instill kindness, compassion, and acceptance in their children.

Dan expressed, “Through my post, I hope parents can sense my heartache. It’s crucial to educate your children and make them understand that bullying is unacceptable. Please share this message. No one should have to go through this.”

Due to his condition, Treacher Collins syndrome, Jackson often faced criticism about his appearance.

This rare disorder affects the development of facial tissues and bones, resulting in noticeable deformities and improper growth.

Regrettably, he will need numerous surgeries throughout his life.

After reading Dan’s heartfelt message, the schoolchildren reached out to him and his family, expressing their desire to befriend and protect Jackson.

Moved by Dan’s touching words, even Jackson found companionship with two nearby children who also have Treacher Collins syndrome. They are planning a playdate together.

In response to the overwhelming support, Dan established a PO box for people to send letters or cards to Jackson, and the box has been quickly filling up ever since!

Children may make comments without fully grasping the consequences or the impact on others’ feelings, which could lead to unintentional bullying. However, as Dan showed, raising awareness can significantly reduce such suffering.

Tolerating bullying is unacceptable for everyone. If you share the same sentiment, please spread Jackson’s story.

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