After initiating a conversation with an unfamiliar Marine veteran, a man shared his experience by posting it online.

Following an unexpected encounter with an elderly Marine veteran at a coffee shop, a man decided to share their experience by posting a story online.

“Semper Fi, we hold your generation in high regard,” the man conveyed to the veteran as a gesture of respect. The unexpected reply from the veteran caught the friendly man off guard.

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Justin Governale

This morning at Starbucks, I encountered an individual wearing a hat adorned with various pins, including a Marine Raider pin and a Purple Heart. Intrigued, I approached him and expressed my respect by saying, “Semper Fi, we honor your generation.” In response, he proudly identified himself as belonging to the 1st Raider Battalion, Alpha Company, stationed in Okinawa. Those familiar with history understand that these courageous men are truly exceptional.

The veteran then proceeded to recount his experiences, sharing stories of when he was wounded in action. He revealed that he used to load specific magazines with tracers, as they effectively ignited Japanese buildings during combat. During a heated exchange, he set ablaze three buildings, but the adversaries didn’t take kindly to it. In retaliation, they launched a rocket that tragically claimed the lives of his squad leader and the assistant gunner responsible for loading ammunition. Fortunately, he only sustained a significant injury to his hip, leaving him with a sizable chunk missing.

Amidst the chaos, a Corpsman hurriedly approached and began providing medical assistance. The intensity of the shelling that followed our position resulted in the tragic loss of nearly everyone around us. Subsequently, my memory becomes hazy, and I have no recollection of the events that unfolded during the following week. Eventually, I regained consciousness in a hospital bed, where a doctor was draining fluid from my chest using a syringe. It turns out, I had been struck in the chest by a barrage of machine gun fire, causing the loss of one of my lungs.”He chuckled and humorously remarked, “How does a man manage to live up to the age of 90 with only one lung? Hahaha.”

Continuing his account, he went on to describe his time recovering at a hospital in Guam. During this period, a distressing incident unfolded as two hundred Japanese paratroopers were deployed, wreaking havoc and targeting friendly forces in the vicinity. Faced with a critical decision, he was presented with two options: to remain and face uncertain odds or to flee and seek shelter. In a remarkable display of resilience, he removed all the medical needles from his body, covered his wounds with tape, and concealed himself for a grueling period of twenty-four days.

After eventually being rescued and during the flight back to the United States, a fellow Marine handed him a Lucky Strike cigarette. He attempted to light it, but his actions caught the attention of a vigilant doctor. Astonished, the doctor exclaimed, “What on earth is wrong with you? You only have one lung!” In order to manage his excruciating pain, he was administered such a substantial dose of morphine that he eventually went unconscious and awakened in an American hospital.

Subsequently, despite his efforts to rejoin the military, he was medically discharged. Offering my assistance, I helped him to his vehicle, which resembled a robust golf cart. As he settled into his vehicle, I bid him farewell with a final handshake, expressing that he was the most resilient Marine I had ever encountered. In response, he humbly stated that his friends were even more resilient and salty than he was. Reflecting on his extraordinary life, he claimed to have no regrets and wouldn’t change a single thing as it had been the pinnacle of his existence. Before parting ways, he expressed his desire to see me again in the future to engage in lighthearted conversation.

This man profoundly impacted me, making my entire year. He was a living testament to history, recounting his experiences with unfiltered sincerity. Despite having a busy schedule, I avidly listened to him speak for an hour and a half. He emphasized the bravery of a remarkable individual who deserved to be remembered, highlighting the admirable work carried out by the Raider community. As our conversation drew to a close, he left me with the resounding words, “Semper Fi, Raiders never die.”

The encounter between the stranger and the veteran in the coffee shop exemplifies the power of respect and kindness. By engaging in conversation and attentively listening to the veteran’s stories, the legacy of not only the veteran but also their fallen comrades is perpetuated. This heartwarming experience serves as a reminder to approach decorated veterans and inquire about their service, as it can lead to unexpected and valuable insights.

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