After Someone Took a Picture of Her Falling To The Ground in A Grocery Store, Everyone Who knew her Laughed at her.

A picture of a woman falling in a store might have caught your eye. In 2012, this incident occurred. The original image gained popularity and evolved into a well-known meme after the caption was added.

Jennifer Knapp Wilkinson discussed “My 15 Minutes of Fame” after announcing that she was the woman in the picture:

“This is my fifteen seconds of fame. The picture is probably familiar to you. The worst part is that it makes people think the fat woman is falling off the wagon because she is too lazy to stop and buy the juice she wants.”


“One of my vertebrae has moved, and I have a very serious condition in my spine.”

“The disease’s most prevalent symptoms involve leg and body weakness. I’m also fat, which contributes to my ongoing depression. I go to the gym and fight my disease every day, but losing weight is still difficult.

“The photo was taken in 2012, when I was confined to a wheelchair due to severe leg pain. I wanted to purchase juice for my husband because he loved it so much.”

“I bowed down to get it, yet the pram slipped. I was used to people doing bad things, so I didn’t think about this. Remarks made about me.”

“My wounds are real, despite the fact that you can’t see them. So the following time you see pictures of individuals ridiculing you, recollect that you don’t have the foggiest idea about those individuals or the issues they face consistently, Joking about you. Someone else is never innocent.”

I don’t want anyone to accept that obesity is a problem that causes a lot of other diseases. However, I do not solicit sympathy or empathy from anyone.

“I want empathy, comprehension, and consideration for another person. I’m human; treat me accordingly!”


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