After Telling His Wife that He Let his 3 years old Daughter to choose her outfit for Picture Day, she sees the finished result.

The annual class picture day provides for children with a fantastic opportunity to select their own outfits. However, because some children are uncomfortable posing for photographs and because they worry about what other people will think of their everyday clothes, this can be a confusing experience for them.

Kaylieann Steinbach, who was three years old at the time, went to bed anticipating what would happen the night before her class picture. However, as soon as she saw the clothes that his parents had donned, her excitement quickly gave way to sadness.

This Little Girl made the decision to select her own outfits.

Kayliean’s two favorite superheroes are Superman and Supergirl, but since she has severe hearing loss and cannot hear the letter S, she calls them “Pooterman” and “Pootergirl.”

The dress she wanted to wear for the class pictures was clear.

“Pootergirl!”, She informed her parents as they began to present her with various outfits.

Austin Steinbach, her father, stated to us, “Well, I couldn’t argue with that answer.”

When Kaylieann got there, she was dressed as a hero. As she posed for photographers in her Supergirl costume and doll, she was beaming with happiness.

Austin stated that he frequently attends school in a variety of costumes, and teachers as well as students anticipate seeing which superhero costume she chooses each day.

Austin was astonished by the response he received when he posted Kaylieann’s class photo to Reddit. Many messages of support were sent to him.

“The deaf community’s response and participation is amazing.” I still haven’t processed all of the supportive and encouraging messages that have been sent to me. Austin Steinbach stated to the Huffington Post, “I could never have imagined how much his picture could touch so many.”

Kaylieann is truly a superhero for her bravery!

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