AITA For Refusing To Look After My Roommate’s 2-Year-Old

One roommate is asking Reddit if they are in the wrong for calling the police when their roommate left their 2-year-old with them to go watch a movie.

“Landlord rented out the other room to a mom and her 2 y/o daughter. Wasn’t a big a fan of the idea but I have no input on who gets the room as each room is separate lease,” the OP began.

aita for refusing to look after my roommate's 2-year-old and calling the police?
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My Roommate Just Left Her Child Overnight, So I Called the Cops—Is That Wrong?

“I [squashed] the idea very early on that I will watch, feed, or entertain the kid in any way. She’s asked a few times for me to watch her daughter ‘just for a bit’ and share food that I have ordered but I’ve made it clear it will not happen every time.”

“She texted me on Saturday while I was playing a game that she had a family emergency and I need to watch the kid overnight. No response to my texts after that.”

“F*** that so I called the cops and told them the child was abandoned. After that, I left and went to a movie with my phone on silent.”

aita for refusing to look after my roommate's 2-year-old and calling the police?
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“I’m not sure what happened after but she was back when I came home from the movie. She is trying to get the landlord involved now too.”

One user said: “I want to add something smart to the conversation but I think my brain is broken at the sheer selfishness of leaving a 2-year-old unattended, alone in a house, because OP wasn’t legally obligated to care for them. No, mom shouldn’t have left the child with an adult who has no interest in caring for the child.”

“Mom is either an AH or completely desperate and making poor decisions either way. OP is an AH for leaving a child that young completely alone and calling the cops. Legal obligation or no, it’s just a plain dick move to leave a child in a situation that can very quickly and easily become lethal. ESH,” the user commented.

aita for refusing to look after my roommate's 2-year-old and calling the police?
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While another commented: “I love how everyone is calling OP an a** for leaving the child alone at the house when OP made [it] clear that they wouldn’t watch the child. So the roommate leaving the child at the house is like leaving it in an empty house regardless of whether OP is home [or] not. OP made that clear it seems. Not [the] OP’s kid… I don’t get how other people’s bad actions fall on someone that made their position in the situation clear.”

Followed by: “I can’t really wrap my head around it. You report someone for abandoning their child. Valid. Then you… abandon a child? At two you need to still tell them kitty litter isn’t food. Why would the police not question the other party that also abandoned the child. Maybe it would be different if it was apartments but since op said ‘other room’ I assume it’s in the same house. And they just left knowing a two-year-old was going to have to fend for herself. Is she going to answer the door for the police too?”

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