AITA For Saying My Necklace Won’t Go To My Adoptive Daughter

One user is asking if they are the a****** for refusing to gift their stepdaughter a priceless family heirloom.

“I (30F) just had a baby girl (Lily) a few months ago with my husband (31M). I have a son from a past marriage (12M, Jack) and my husband adopted a girl (14F, Emily) about three years ago,” the OP began.

aita for saying my family necklace will go to my birth daughter instead of my adoptive daughter?
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“I love my adoptive daughter so much and I try to be a mother figure to her. She doesn’t call me ‘mom’ and isn’t very interested in spending time together, which I respect because she has been through a lot, but I still make a point to include her in discussions and try to spend special one-on-one time with her.”

“I have a necklace that has been in my family for a few generations (the first one to have it was my great-grandma, she received it on her wedding day so now it is given to the oldest daughter on her wedding day, which is when I received it). It is very beautiful and priceless and I keep it in a special box that stays locked up with a key. My family is aware of this necklace and my children have seen it and know the significance.”