AITA For Saying My Necklace Won’t Go To My Adoptive Daughter

“We were having a get-together with family because you-know-what is finally allowing it. My grandma started asking about the necklace and if it will continue the tradition and go to Lily someday, to which I said yes. My husband, who was half listening, turned and said, ‘Shouldn’t it go to Emily?’ I didn’t want to discuss this in front of our family so I smiled and said we could talk about it later. My husband kept pushing it and Emily heard her name so she became involved with the conversation as well.”

aita for saying my family necklace will go to my birth daughter instead of my adoptive daughter?
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“My mom said that the necklace obviously should go to Lily since she is blood family (which I later told her was a very inconsiderate thing to say in front of Emily). I didn’t really voice an opinion one way or another but I did agree that it makes sense to go to Lily.”