AITA For Saying My Necklace Won’t Go To My Adoptive Daughter

“Emily hates arguments and raised voices so she said, ‘I wouldn’t want your stupid necklace anyways’ and ran inside crying (my husband went to talk to her). My family thinks that Lily deserves the necklace and while it is sad for Emily, she is old enough to understand the differences.”

“I really love Emily and I don’t ever want to hurt her, but I agree that this necklace might mean more to Lily since it will be from her direct heritage. Emily already has her own items that her mother gave her. I suggested to Emily that she and I go pick out a necklace together for her, just the two of us, but she refused and isn’t talking to me.”

aita for saying my family necklace will go to my birth daughter instead of my adoptive daughter?
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