Alappuzha becons you to witness the spelbinding tranquility of nature

Alappuzha is a district of Kerala which is the site of innumerable lakes and canals that make the place serene and naturally beautiful. Kerala as we all know is the land of lush greenery, vast stretches of water, backwaters, and hills covered with unfathomed foliage and the call of the mystique idyllic environment. Alappuzha as it is commonly called Aleppey is known for its brimming rivers like Pamba, Manimala, Achankovil, and the Vembanad Lake all supplying water in profusion for the purpose of irrigation. There are vast fields of paddy fields at Kuttanad which is known as the rice bowl of Kerala. The exciting and alluring boat cruises gives you ample opportunity to get a glimpse of the highly famed backwaters of Kerala which has been a cynosure of attractions to the tourists all over the world. You can see the rustic life along with how the coir industry is being run by the villagers, the toddy taping, fishing, boat making and sustenance of life in the village as a whole.  Being the center of trade and commerce in the state of Kerala, Allepey is called the Venice of Kerala. It is located on the Malabaar Coast surrounded on three sides by the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

The people of Allepey speak Malayalam and English. The temperature is always temperate and maritime with an average of 20 deg Celsius to 3o deg Celsius during the winter and 22 degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius during the summer.

Major attractions: One of the most spectacular events at Kerala is the Nehru Trophy Snake Boat. It is considered to be one among the main team sports of the world. It is the greatest tourism sport of Kerala. Chandan Vallams (Snake Boats) containing crores of oarsmen decorated by colorful umbrellas that brings about a spectacular sight.

There is a picturesque village called Ambalappuzha which is about 14 Km away from Allepey. There is St. Andrew’s church which is known as Arzhunkal Church about 22 Km away from Allepey.

In Allappuzha, the staple food is vegetarianNon vegetarian eateries are also available in plenty. The most famous coconut water is available at every corner of the state. As you enter you will be welcomed with a glass of refreshing coconut water by the roadside vendors.

Where to Stay: Backwater Cruise down the palm fringed backwater of Kerala in an extravagant houseboat is one of the best ways to spend holiday. The spectacular, panoramic view of the untraded parts of Kerala is the ultimate gain out of this journey. Countless crooks, lagoons, canals, lakes, estuaries, streams, and the deltas made up by the forty-four rivers have shaped the 800 km world famous backwater of Kerala. There are hotels and tourist lodges of different price range starting from economic to the most premium category. The booking are done both online and offline and also on spot.

How to Reach Alappuzha by road, air and rail: Alappuzha is very well connected to all the major cities of the country by road, rail and airways. A prior booking of your tickets will make your journey hazardless and more enjoyable to one of the most coveted tourist places of the world.

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