An 80 years old Man told his Doctor that his 23 years old wife is pregnant. The Doctor’s response was priceless.

During his yearly checkup, an 80-year-old man was asked by the doctor how he was doing.

He proudly said, “I’ve never felt this good!”

“I have a 23-year-old wife who is expecting a baby, and it’s mine! What’s your opinion on that?”

The doctor thought about it and then told a story.

He knew someone who loved hunting and always went hunting in the hunting season.

But one day, he was in a rush and accidentally picked up his umbrella instead of his gun.

The doctor went on, saying, “He was in the forest, and out of nowhere, a big grizzly bear showed up in front of him!

He lifted his umbrella, aimed it at the bear, and pressed the handle.”

“Do you know what happened?” the doctor asked.

The surprised old man answered, “No.”

The doctor went on, “The bear fell down dead right in front of him!”

The old man said, “That can’t be true! Someone else must have shot the bear.”

The doctor responded, “That’s the point I’m making…”

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