This Ancient German Recipe Can Unclog Arteries, Treat Fat Blood, Infections And Colds

It is our pleasure to bring to your attention a very old German solution that has been implemented for centuries in terms of lowering the cholesterol and fat from the blood, as well as keeping you safe from infections and colds.  The recipe is a mixture made up of ginger, lemon, garlic and water which happens to be unimaginably beneficial. Each and every single one of the ingredients has a particular power, however in a combination they act even better.

The solution is amazing for reducing the cholesterol and fat levels in the blood and unclogging your arteries. It is able to get rid of the common cold, the flu and similar infections by strengthening your immune system and also the operation of your liver. The potent recipe will also disrupt the damage free radical can cause to your cells, leading to the prevention of numerous illnesses and diseases.

Follow these steps to prepare it:


A tiny piece of ginger

4 garlic cloves

4 lemons

2 l. water


Get a pot, fill it up with the water and heat it up. Next, rinse and slice the ingredients and put all of them in the same pot. Mix everything together while simmering the mixture until it reaches the point of boiling. Then put the lid on the pot, leave the mixture cool off and strain it. Pour the final product in a couple of glass bottles.

If cleaning your arteries and enhancing your heart health is what your body needs, consume a glass of the strong German beverage at least a few hours before eating each meal. If the taste and smell of garlic is something that you wish to avoid and dislike- do not worry– it’ll be neutralized by the lemon. Even though it can be quite tough for certain individual, this remedy is definitely going to boost the general health in a jiffy.

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