At the age of 66, A Mother gave birth to her first baby; this is their current way of life.

For the rest of your life, you will remember the day you became a parent. A special little person has just entered the world and is now relying on you. It’s your responsibility to provide for their needs and assist them in realizing their potential.

Adriana Iliescu made international news in 2005 when she gave birth to her first child. The cause? She had a 66 years old age.

Adriana experienced pure joy when giving birth to her daughter Eliza.

After 17 years, the elderly mother is once again in the public eye as a result of some highly publicized new photos of her daughter.

There are those days that can completely alter a person’s life. Everyone who has ever been a parent will undoubtedly concur that it is impossible to describe the moment you receive your child.

The nicest feeling in the world is when you first see that adorable youngster stare up at you.

Some people are immortalized in history books from the moment of birth.

Eliza Iliescu experienced just that when she was born in Romania in 2005. The girl’s mother made history because of her.

Adriana Iliescu was 66 years of age when she turned into the world’s then most seasoned mother. Adriana’s birth story made headlines for obvious reasons, and the birth of Eliza earned her a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Because she had received harsh criticism after becoming a mother, Adriana talked about her experiences and opened up about parenthood in 2010. She was viewed as selfish and overly old by the public.

“Even though the mirror is cruel to women, I feel like a young woman energetically. When I’m a little more exhausted, I feel like I’m 37. I am in better health than women twice my age,” she told Daily Mail.

“People think it’s ironic to refer to me as ‘grandma,’ but Eliza wasn’t there to make me appear younger. I don’t ever feel my age.”

The 71 years old Adriana also made plans to have a second child known in the British tabloid interview.

She said ” doable medically, It could be done, since I understand experiments with a 70-year-old woman are currently taking place in England. I am in good health and believe that having another child in the future is conceivable, but I’m not in a rush right now.”

Like most moms and daughters, Adriana and Eliza have grown close over time. Eliza is a bubbly, witty, and incredibly content young girl.

Although many people have an opinion regarding Adriana’s age, the grandmother insists that she is an excellent mom and takes care of Eliza in every way.

“I don’t consume alcohol or smoke. Eliza will be 20 years old when I die if I survive as long as my parents did. Adriana says, “I believe I still have a lot to offer her.

Adriana did not choose to have children at such a late age. Adriana Iliescu had to have an abortion when she was a young bride for medical reasons. Her husband left her when she was 24.

Adriana then concentrated on other aspects of her life and her work as a professor at a university in Romania.

“While I was working, I wasn’t able to having a child,” she added.

“But I wasn’t ready to have children until I finished my doctorate at age 37. However, IVF did not exist back then.”

When in-vitro fertilization became a possibility in Romania, Adriana was 57 years old. Despite receiving treatment, Adriana’s first pregnancy in 2000 ended in miscarriage.

Her desire to become a mother forced people to turn their backs on her. They believed Adriana was acting immorally, but she wasn’t going to give up and remained steadfast in her desire to become a mother.

After seeking therapy from Dr. Bogdan Marinescu in Bucharest, Eliza was eventually born. In reality, Adriana was expecting triplets, but only Eliza made it out alive after two of the other children passed away in the womb. She unfortunately spent a lot of time in the NICU due to her preterm birth.

But soon, she had developed into a brave young girl, and Adriana, who was extremely religious, wanted to baptize her daughter. Unfortunately, a few religious groups were against Adriana having a child at so old. Adriana received strange looks from the nuns at Eliza’s baptism, and one even referred to her as “the product of dark force.”

Eliza, according to Adriana, is a gift from God.

Today’s Adriana Iliescu

It has been 17 years since Adriana gave birth to her first child in 2022. Despite the fact that Adriana is frequently mistaken for Eliza’s grandma, they are now enjoying a great time together.

The seasoned mother, however, still feels fantastic both physically and mentally. She has a lot of love to give, and that’s what you need to raise a child.

Adriana is still writing at the age of 83. She has written more than 25 novels for kids and claims to be in good health. Despite appearing to be a great-grandmother, she continues to work in Bucharest as a part-time lecturer.
Additionally, Adriana has made certain that Eliza’s future is in capable hands.

Adriana struck a deal with the doctor when she decided to use IVF. If Adriana dies, he will serve as the girl’s godfather and legal guardian.

Eliza, who is 17 years old, wants to study and go to college, but Adriana wants to keep her family’s personal life quiet for the time being. Eliza, according to Brightside, is an honor roll student who carries on her mother’s scholastic legacy.

She seemed to be performing better than many people in their 25s and 30s. With no outside distractions, she is COMMITTED to her child. Her daughter exudes a beautiful soul and appears to be quite satisfied, joyful, and well-rounded.

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