Baltimore Professor: White People Need To Personally Give All Their Money To Black People…

Well, isn’t that special. Someone wants free stuff for doing nothing.

Sorry! Worked hard for my money! Not giving it to anyone for stuff that happened a long time ago that I didn’t do.

Louder With Crowder reported:

“Yes, you read that title correctly.


Unfortunately some of you were born white. Guilty. All that money you’re making? If you’re white, you didn’t earn that. Somebody else made that happen.

So here’s what you should do. Take that extra savings you have, or money you were saving for a family trip to Disney World, and give it away. Not to starving children or to the Red Cross, though. You’re supposed to find a black person, any black person, and deposit that money directly into their bank account. Solely because they are black. Does that sound racist in and of itself?

Your white privilege is showing.

Now, lest ye think we deserve a boatload of hatemail for suggesting such a thing, we direct you to the source of this utter lunacy: Lawrence Brown. Mr. Brown is an assistant professor in the Public Health Department at Morgan State University in Baltimore. This leftist activist teaches that black Americans require reparations, that America is still segregated, and black Americans continue to suffer from the historical trauma of white supremacist America.

His solution to these perceived problems? Take your white privilege money (which he defines as “unearned” if you are white), and give it to a black person. Because you’re personally responsible for slavery and need to pay. Or something. Seriously. See below.

Again, for someone who claims to fight against racism, I don’t think I’ve quite seen anyone speak in such sweeping generalities. What say you? When you head to the bank this evening, will you be making a withdrawal of your unearned money to deposit in a black person’s account… because, privilege?”