The navel is the raised area of the abdomen that usually is not considered as important, but in fact it can reveal the state of the health. The navel is actually attached to the umbilical cable and when the cord is separated there is a scar which stays in the abdominal area, which forms the navel.

It is important to take proper care of the navel health in order to avoid infections and other health issues. The navel is different from one person to another, but in fact all of them can show if you are having any disease. Here are some of the navel types:

  1. Protruding navel

If you have protruding navel it shows that you are more prone to developing hernia. Experts suggest that you should avoid lifting heavy things in order to avoid hernia.

  1. Small navel

If you have small belly button you have to increase the consumption of vitamin C in order to prevent flu and infections.

  1. Almond shaped navel

This type of belly button shows that you are prone to migraines and headaches. Also it can show that you might have weak muscles and brittle bones

  1. Circular navel

It can show that you might have issues with your digestive system and constipation. Overweight people have this problem

  1. U-shaped navel

If you have this shape of navel it can show that you are vulnerable to skin and kidney diseases. Children that are born with this type of navel can also have some genetic issues

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