Ben Feldman On Why He Wants Son, 3, To Believe In Monsters Under The Bed

In a conversation with Romper, Superstore actor Ben Feldman revealed the real reason he wants his kids to believe in monsters under the bed. Spoiler: it’s not because of his new role in Disney+’s Monsters At Work.

Ben Feldman believes that monsters could be the trick to get his kids to stay in bed if they only just bought into it.

Ben Feldman was very honest in admitting that he would trade just a little bit of playful fear in his kids, son Charlie, 3, and daughter Effie, 2, for the chance to sleep in. He explained, “You know what, I keep wanting them to [believe monsters lurk under the bed], and here’s why; it’ll keep them in the bed. If my kid believed that he would stay in his bed and he wouldn’t come upstairs in the middle of the night and yell at my wife and I, or wake us up at 5 a.m.”

He’s even been planting the seeds to try and convince Charlie that they’re out to get him, saying, “I’ve read him books and there are pictures in the books of the monsters reaching out and grabbing toes and eating the kid’s feet.” But, sadly for Ben Feldman, it seems like to his kids, monsters will have less of a fear factor and more of a funny factor.

The actor continued, “I’m still holding my breath that at some point he’s going to believe in monsters. Maybe after this show. Except they’re not intimidating on this show so he’ll probably get out of bed and look for them.”

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Ben Feldman hopes his kids enjoy Monsters at Work.

Feldman also told Romper what he’s most excited for with the release of Monsters at Work. The show should be fun for the whole family. He explains, “It’s all about being funny. The energy or the sort of currency of the entire show is laughs rather than scares. I love that as a dad because whenever I watch any cartoons with any element of scariness my kids run away and hide. So this will be a fun thing that I get to watch with my kids.”

However, he is unsure how quickly they’ll get invested. He continued, “I showed them a trailer, and my youngest, my daughter, she just goes, ‘Daddy purple’ because I would point to the monster and go, ‘that’s me.’ My son, who’s a little bit older, he’s either super creative and an incredible storyteller or just like a psychopath and pathological liar. He is adamant that he was aware of the show, that he’s already seen it, and that it is old news that I’m in it.”

Kids! Am I right?

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