The Boy From ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ is Grown Up and Now Looks Like a Greek God

Mrs. Doubtfire was my favourite film as a kid and still holds a dear place in my heart up to this very day. Me and that film went through a lot together and I could quite often be found sitting on the sofa giggling up a storm as Daniel Hillard continued to fool his entire family into believing that he was Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire, a floral blouse wearing elderly British widow with a knack for causing utter havoc around the house.

If not that, then I could easily be spotted recommending it to my friends as a way to help them come to terms with their parent’s divorce, or driving my parents insane by trying to mimic the many phenomenal voices of Robin Williams, forgetting that in reality I just sounded worse than when children at school used to try and do the “Scooby Dooby Doo” catchphrase.

But, as big a fan as I was and continue to be, there was one thing that went over my head about the aftermath of the 1993 classic comedy film. And that was just how hot Matthew Lawrence, who played Chris Hillard, became. But, praise the genius who invented Instagram. Thanks to them, we were all able to catch up with Matthew and his dashing good looks.

More than 24 years later, Matthew now looks like this. Of course, every little-bit-in-love pre-teen girl knew that he was a hottie back then, but it took the rest of us a while to open our eyes to it.

This is what I am looking at right now. At the summit of Glacier point looking at half dome YOSEMITE!

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