Brand New Baby Won’t Stop Crying, But Watch What Happens When Dad Hands Him Mom’s Dirty

The bond between a mother and child is absolutely incredible. Before a baby is even born he already knows the sound of his mother’s voice.

After the baby is born, the bond becomes even stronger through breastfeeding, snuggling, smells, and other special moments.

Scents are something that often affect us more than we realize. Certain scents can make us think of a moment in time or a special loved one.

This is no less true for a brand new baby.

This 3-month-old was having a rough day and his dad couldn’t get him to stop crying. He tried everything he could think of, but nothing was working.

Then, as a last resort, he reached into Mom’s laundry hamper and grabbed one of her shirts.

The baby’s reaction when he smells the shirt is absolutely incredible!

Click below to see it for yourself:


As soon as the baby smelled his mom he was comforted and instantly stopped crying. What a beautiful testament to the love and the bond between a mother and child!

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