British Airways Releases the Best In-Flight Video of All Time Featuring Mr. Bean Up to His Shenanigans Again!

Let’s face it airplane safety videos aren’t riveting by any stretch of the imagination. In fact for decades, they have been downright boring and dated, but that’s not the case anymore! More and more airlines are jazzing up their safety videos with famous stars and a funny, mini-plot.

British Airways has recently jumped on board with this trend and has launched a tongue-in-cheek safety video – and it features Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson), among other celebrities! British Airways’ comical safety spin has stars “audition” for a role in the new video, including Oscar nominated star Chiwetel Ejiofor. The video director (played by comedian Asim Chaudhry) boldly tells Ejiofor that the part could be his “big break!”

Celeb chef Gordon Ramsay continues to show off his fiery edge and actress Thandie Newton is “praised for her powerful performance” when describing the location of the nearest exits! Watch out for Mr. Bean at the end, who continues to bring the laughs as he fumbles around his seat in search of loose change to make a donation to the airline’s Flying Start initiative…

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