Brother wears sister’s skirt so she could take college entrance exam

When you’re in a pinch, who is always there for you? Perhaps it’s a friend or maybe a family member. Or if you’re Jea Josue Bungcaras it’s your big brother.

The 18-year-old student was all set to take an entrance exam at Velez College in Cebu City, Philippines when a security officer informed her she wasn’t allowed to because of her outfit. Without much time for an outfit change, she and her brother, who accompanied her to the exam, got creative.

Without much hesitation, Jann Christian Bungcaras, a 25-year-old fashion designer, allowed his younger sister to wear his pants. But that left him in a predicament – either no pants or a skirt. He went with the skirt.

“It was just a simple familial gesture I did for my sister so that she can take the exam on time,” he shared on Facebook.

According to reports, the siblings switched bottoms because Jea believed her skirt was within the dress code, which stated no shorts allowed. However, officials did not agree.

Since Jea’s skirt would have required special permission and cost her valuable time, Jann volunteered his pants.

So like Katniss from Hunger Games I volunteered to lend her my pants and dragged my sister where the restrooms are and stripped my pants off without hesitation by the door so that she can change in the restroom. Everything happened fast, I was in my boxers in front of everyone. After my sister got my pants on she gave me her skirt for cover up. She took a picture of me probably to give to our parents and rushed to her room on time.

Since Jann shared the photos online they have gone viral and many have praised him for giving his pants to his sibling.

What a guy. Has your sibling ever done something similar for you? Have you done something similar for your sibling?

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