Calm Yourself, It makes us stronger

 God is everything in our lives and he always cares about , our God is Good and full of mercy in times of trouble He his our shelter and shield and when I am afraid.

He always has a greater plan. He is is always working. Even when we can’t feel it, or see it, He’s working! Praise HIM!

He may not still the storm but He will go with us through it. He will help us endure and makes us stronger. His grace is sufficient. 

We learn through storms to trust he is with us and takes our faith stronger each day. 🙏

I will always keep my faith in God no matter what no one will ever change that the love  I have for you I am blessed by you God everyday I thankyou for never leaving me and guiding me the right way in life.

I REALLY needed this today.  I am so grateful for everything He has provided. It seems you are always talking to me.Always comes right on time God Bless you every day of your life

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