You Can Take The Most Awe-Inspiring Train Ride In America, The Coast Starlight, For Only $97

Train rides are one of the best ways to see America. They take you right through towns and countrysides, and you can focus on the scenery, rather than worry about driving. Amtrak’s Coast Starlight has been deemed one of America’s most beautiful train rides – and now you can get a ticket for just $97.

The train ride starts in Seattle and ends in Los Angeles, traveling through Washington, Oregon, and California in the process. You’ll take in amazing views of the West Coast mountains, valleys, forests, and even the Pacific Ocean. The observation car is the best place to be for sightseeing, as it’s equipped with windows from the floor to the ceiling. Swivel chairs allow you to take in all the sights in comfort.

During the 35-hour trip, you’ll travel through 30 destinations, including Sacramento, Portland, Santa Barbara, and the San Francisco Bay area. Highlights of the trip include the Pacific Ocean, the Santa Barbara Channel, Mount Shasta, and a number of national parks and forests.

The trip has received rave reviews from travelers who enjoyed the wide variety of sights to be seen.

There are a number of different options which will all give you a different experience during the train ride. The $325 Super Roomette tickets get you a bed for the overnight, as well as your own sightseeing window in your cabin. Business class tickets offer wine and cheese tastings during the trip. Anyone over 62 is eligible for a senior discount of 15% off your tickets.

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