Care worker beaten and spat on, then told ‘you’ve got corona’ because of her health worker uniform

A nursing home attendant was assaulted on her way home simply for the crime of wearing her healthcare uniform, according to reports.

As per Metro, the unnamed woman was walking home from a shift when an attacker spat in her face and told her: “You have got corona.” It’s said she was then knocked to the ground and kicked, before being spat on again.

The incident took place in Poole, England, with police saying the victim had been approached by two teens on bicycles. The first one assaulted her, whilst the other one tried to get him to stop.

Reports state the attacker has been described as between 16 and 18 with pale skin and possibly light brown hair.

Police community support investigator Chris Hardy said: “This was a truly despicable assault and the victim believes she was targeted because she was dressed for her work at a nursing home.

“We are committed to supporting those who are helping our communities at this difficult time. We are determined to identify those involved and are carrying out a detailed investigation into the incident.

“I am appealing to anyone who may have witnessed the incident or who may have any information about the identity of the offender, to please contact police.”

It should go without saying that such random and despicable acts are the last thing we need in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. And yet some officials are warning that doctors and nurses may be at heightened risk of falling prey to thugs, even now.

We’re sending all our prayers to this poor woman – we hope she makes a speedy recovery, both physically and mentally.

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