Cashew Nutrition: Absolute the Best Treatment for Depression without Medication

Cashews are even more nutritious than nuts. But sadly there are not many studies conducted to discover the health benefits and properties of cashew, because they do not seem to be appealing to the scientists. They only grow in hot and humid conditions, and they can be found in Mozambique, Brazil, Nigeria and Tanzania.

The 5 best health benefits of Cashews:

  1. They are a rich source in calories. There are 275 calories in 50 grams of cashew nuts. They are also rich in soluble fiber, minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals that have the ability to hinder various health conditions and even cancer.
  2. They are also abundant in oleic and palmitoleic acid – which are very beneficial for the cardiovascular health. They are efficient in regulating the HDL –good cholesterol and reduce the LDL – bad cholesterol. The Mediterranean diet includes monounsaturated fats which are very important for optimal wellbeing, and they are also helpful in controlling the blood lipids and thus hinder sudden stroke and coronary artery disease.
  3. They are also abundant in iron, selenium, zinc, copper, magnesium and potassium. So it is recommended to consume sufficient amount of cashews and they will provide your body with the needed minerals and hinder diseases linked to mineral deficiency. Consuming a handful of cashews every day is the recommended amount.

Selenium is considered to be the crucial micronutrient and it is contained in compounds that fight cancer such as Glutathione peroxides – which is the most powerful in reinforcing cells in the body. Copper also takes part in essential catalysts such as supertoxide dismutase and cytochrome c-oxidase. Zinc also is co-variable in compounds that regulates the processing breakthrough, DNA union and gonadal limit.

  1. Cashews nuts are also a rich source of riboflavin, thiamin –Vitamin B11, pantothenic acid – vitamin B5 and pyridoxine – vitamin B6. Just 100 grams of cashews nuts supply our body with even 30% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin B6 – which is 0.147 mg. this vitamin can lower the risk of sideroblastic anemia and homocystinuria.

Pellagra and dermatitis are conditions that can be prevented with niacin. All these vitamins are of great significance for the metabolism of carbs, protein and fat.

  1. They also have little amounts of zeaxanthin. It is an antioxidant that is taken in the retinal macula. It is efficient in the prevention of harmful UV rays and macular degeneration as a result of age.

They are also the best natural treatment for anxiety and depression.

Cashews nutrition – natural remedy for depression

Cashews are rich source of the essential amino acid – tryptophan. They are beneficial in ptmoting a proper development in infants, treat depression, nervousness and anxiety and also promote good sleep.

There are 1,500mg of tryptophan in just 2 handfuls of cashews nuts, and the prescription antidepressants have the same amount of it. Consuming cashews nuts does not have any negative effects – it is something we cannot say about the conventional antidepressants. But this is a long kept secret.

Cashews and nut allergy

Cashews nuts can be the reason for allergic reaction, no matter their age. And it happen frequently just like other allergies by almonds, walnuts and many more. And these allergic reactions can be triggered just by consuming a few cashews nuts.


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