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Life is a wonderful blessing of God and we have to live it in a wonderful manner. Yes, it’s a fact that life is the host of ups and downs but being human, we have to face all the sufferings and blessings. It is interesting to be noted that all the blessings are by nature and sufferings are the result of our own actions. To make people realise the reality of this world, justrandomnews.com takes a surprising initiative to throw light on the happenings of life. This category of our channel discusses different events, stages and aspects of life without any biases. It provides the events of the emotional love of kids with their parents, the joyful experiences of husband and wife, love and affection of friends, feelings about the neighbourhood, care about colleagues, the psychology of society and last but not least the life itself. Justrandomnews.com took responsibility to make aware the people how to live a wonderful life full of enjoyment and amusement and how to spread smile in the surrounding. When a man opens his eyes, he faces the most complex phenomenon of this universe, the Life. In order to make it a bit easier join hands with us and make his world a better place. More of, in this category of justrandomnews.com, you will get articles, blogs, news and real events to compare your living with others, adopt positive actions and ignore negative ones. Justrandomnews.com will keep updating all the events and news; just don’t forget to share what your life is going like. Share your stories and have fun!

Unlike humans and other primates, dogs do not like to cuddle, they perceive such actions as a sign of domination. For the same reason, a dog that puts a paw on the owner does not only make a friendly gesture but also pretends to be superior to a person. Dogs have a...