Catherine Lowe On Bachelor Nation Relationships Missing Mark

Catherine Lowe is the only Bachelor final rose winner to actually get married, so when it comes to why other Bachelor couples miss the mark — well she has some thoughts on that.

Catherine and her husband Sean Lowe have happily married and are the proud parents of three kiddos, but that doesn’t exactly mean there was zero trouble in paradise….

“I think genuinely people really want to find love but there’s so many factors involved,” Catherine shared on July 13 on E! News’ Daily Pop on why so many Bachelor Nation couples fail.

“There are so many things against you after you leave the show…I’m really grateful and blessed that Sean and I saw this wonderful life after but I can say that it is really hard to get there.”

So when it comes to the current Bachelorette, Katie Thurston, what are Catherine’s outlook on the on-going relationships?