Check How Important Vitamin C and B-12 Is For Our Health

Vitamin B-12 is considered a key vitamin in body despite all other nutrients for growth development and repairing of body. There are other vitamins like vitamin A, B, C etc ant these vitamins are used to produce red blood cells, DNA synthesis, boost the cells of metabolism and make sure the proper and smooth functioning of human body. These vitamins are not exist in nature rather these are extracted by natural things and human body also does not contain ingrained vitamins. Thus, the vegetarians suffer the deficiency of vitamins and have to fulfil it through other supplements or by eating meat.

The deficiency of vitamin B-12 causes digestion problems, weakness of muscles, loss of memory, short breath, and fatigue. The pregnant women are more vulnerablr to these deseases if they cannot get proper intake of vitamins because the vitamins and energy is consumed by baby to grow. A clinical Professor of Warwick university has done a research in which he concludes that the low level of vitamin B-12 can cause high leptin levels in the baby. Such babies suffer with diabetes  and becom susceptible to metabolic ailments. If the body lacks vitamins B-12, victim may feel drowsiness, irritation in skin and short breath. It is recommended that people of 14 and above age can take 2.5 micrograms of vitamin B-12 every day in different doses. Pregnant women require 2.6 to 2.8 micrograms a day which is comperatively large amount than normal victims. Mostly, the vegeterians observe the deficiency of this vitamin because this vitamin is chiefly obtained by non-vegetarian products like dairy and meat. In order to be diagnosed in time, it is peripheral to get all blood tests off and on regularly basis which are highly recommended during pregnancy.

Vitamin C   

It is scientifically called L-ascorbic acid. It is soluble in water and naturally presents in citrus fruits and some vegitables as it is an important dietary suplements. It boosts up the working of metabolism and helps in wounds healing and injury recoveries. It also produce antioxidants in the body for the smooth circulation of blood within the body. Through this process, it prevents many diseases like cardiovascular diseases, different types of cancers, and diseases caused by oxidation. The total body contains 300 milli-grams to 2 grams of vitamin C.  the recommended intake of vitamin C varies from age to age and gender to gender so vitamin C should only be taken after consult with physician when it is to be takes in the forms of supplements while natural intake does not pose serious effects to health.

These vitamins are considered the drivers of body because they keep a man active and workable. provides you with precious information and suggestions about health and fitness. Keep visiting us !!!


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