Children Gather On The Beach For Powerful Tribute Performance That’s Touching Hearts Worldwide

Their reason for singing was just as beautiful as their voices when they stepped out on the sands of Omaha Beach. One Voice Children’s Choir performed in Normandy, France as a stunning tribute to all those who fought in World War II. For artists and musicians of all ages, it’s far too easy to become entrenched with personal fame, yet this entire choir of children set the example not just to think of others, but to do something about it.

With countless hours of practice, they prepared this performance of “When You Believe” in honor of all who served in battle, as well as the millions of Jewish people who lost their lives during the Holocaust. It was nothing simple either, as they had to learn this song in English, French and Hebrew, yet the way it came together was worth it. In addition, they even coordinated their attire to complement the theme. The young ladies matched in their adorable white dresses while the young men wore blue suits and striped ties. With pops of yellow worn by everyone, it provided a symbol of hope, happiness, and honor.

The lyrics come to life through these young children singing, “Although we know there’s much to fear, we were moving mountains long before we knew we could. There can be miracles when you believe.” Wrapped up in love, this song “When You Believe” easily melts the hearts of all those who hear it. When One Voice Children’s Choir recorded it in honor of the soldiers and victims of World War II, it took on a new powerful meaning that is being appreciated worldwide. Watch their breathtaking performance in the video below.