Claire Informs Daddy She’s Going To Sing A “Sad” Song. Result Is Melting Everyone’s Heart

We’ve heard Claire Ryann sing a variety of different tunes in the past. From gospel to Disney, musicals and more, Claire has won us all over with her sweet personality and incredible voice. That’s why her rendition of “Tomorrow” from the hit musical Annie is gaining so much attention online. Instead of shying away from the hard notes and complicated composition, Claire took the song by head-on and the result is absolutely breathtaking…

Claire first melted our hearts when she sang “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” and her dad posted the video on YouTube. Within hours of posting her rendition of the song online, it had been shared thousands of times and liked by people all over the world. Now Claire and her family are known for their incredible voices and creative videos. Claire even got the chance to perform on the hit talent reality show “The Voice” as well as Steve Harvey’s popular show “Little Big Shots.” Now, Claire is focusing on her YouTube channel and gearing up for elementary school. Her sudden fame shocked everyone, but the Crosby family is ready for anything that the entertainment industry throws their way.

As soon as Dad had the camera running and his guitar in-hand, Claire started her song. The way her voice floats over the lyrics and fills the room is something that you see with experienced artists, not a young child. Claire’s father strummed proudly behind her as she belts out each word flawlessly. Listen to Claire’s incredible rendition of “Tomorrow” by pressing “play” on the video below. She’s just too good!

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