Clean the stove: 6 effective tricks against dirty ovens

Induction cooktops not only save energy compared to old gas and electric stoves, but are also easier to clean. Or they’re supposed to be, according to their manufacturers…

That is until some potato water boils over, oil splashes out of the pan or you burn food directly on them.

The industry knows this and sells a variety of products to clean glass stovetops. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them — besides being expensive.

But because you can basically achieve the same effect with some common ingredients you already have in the kitchen, I thought I’d share six effective tricks that make your cooktop shine like new.

1. Lemon juice

The acid in lemon not only works against grease, but also against bacteria. In addition, it gives a new shine on your stove.

Squeeze some lemon juice and pour it on your stovetop, or cut a lemon in half and rub it against the dirty areas. Then wipe the surface clean with a wet cloth.

2. Vinegar and baking powder

Was the pot you cooked pasta in too small or did the potatoes you were cooking get baked on the burners? This solution is perfect for removing baked-on messes.

What you need:

Pour some vinegar on the cooktop and then pour baking soda on top of that. Spread the mixture with a cloth dipped in warm water. Allow the solution to work for several minutes, or if you have time, let it stand overnight. Then you should be able to easily wipe the dirt away with a towel!

3. Lake of water

If burned food simply won’t come off, pour some water on your cooktop. The edge of the stove is often elevated, so you can form a small “lake” on top of it.

Pour baking soda around the burners, and then pour boiling water on it. Then carefully scrape the grime away with a scraper or steel wool.

4. Sugar cubes

It might sound strange, but a lot of people actually use sugar cubes to rub away charred food!

Best of all? It works and most people have sugar cubes close to hand.

5. Newspaper, ashes and water

Wiping a glass stovetop with a piece of newspaper dipped in ashes from a wood stove can do wonders.

Wet a piece of newspaper and dip it into ashes from your wood stove (if you have one). Then wipe your glass surface with it and watch the grime go away. Afterward, clean the glass with a cloth or newspaper.

6. Toothpaste

Try rubbing your glass cooktop with a little toothpaste and a sponge!

If your burners are really dirty, you can leave the toothpaste for a while and then rinse again. Wipe clean with warm water and you’ll have a shiny clean glass cooktop.

A clean stove makes the whole kitchen look nice, clean and tidy. With these six tips, you’ll have a sparkling clean surface without expensive products or toxic chemicals.

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