The Colloidal silver has been used as natural medicine for treatment of different health issues. Since 1938 its production has stopped, but according to different studies silver it very beneficial for the body and cannot be compared to something else.

Colloidal silver is definitely not toxic to human and it is found that it could destroy 650 different germs, fungi, and viruses. It is much better than any other antibiotic, and it acts in a way that it damages the affected cells with the ions from the silver. Here is list of issues that could be treated with Colloidal silver:

Ear infection – colloidal silver can treat ear infection, and you can do so by simply putting silver in the ear that is infected

Psoriasis – psoriasis is caused by bacteria that irritates the skin and clogs pores of the skin. Use silver topically in order to allow it to act as antibacterial agent.

Acne – acne appear once the pores are clogged and you should use silver in order to clean the pores and destroy the acne. You will need to clean the face and gently apply it.

Eye infections – you could use silver for treatment of eye infection, and don’t be afraid because it won’t do any harm to you. You can even use it on babies.

Eczema – this condition is caused by inflammation of the skin by bacteria. For treatment of this condition you will need to use colloidal silver in order to kill the bacteria and reduce the inflammation

Herpes – you can remove herpes virus by using colloidal silver by applying it topically

Warts – they are caused by viruses that infect the skin. You can remove them by using silver, but make sure that you use it until the wart completely falls off

Yeast infection – vaginal yeast infection could be treated with silver and it could prevent it from growing.

Colds – if you are suffering from virus infections that lead to colds you should use nasal spray that contains colloidal silver. People at any age could use it because it doesn’t affect the tissue

Sinus problems – viral and bacterial infections can be the main cause for sinus problems. You can use silver in order to destroy the bacteria and by using nasal inhaler.

Flu viruses – you could use colloidal silver in order to fight flu viruses

Pneumonia – lung infections, fungi, or bacteria could be treated with antibiotics, but colloidal silver is more effective because it destroys the infection completely.

Tonsillitis – once the tonsils are inflamed you should use colloidal silver in order to reduce the infection.

HIV/AIDS – different studies suggest that colloidal silver can reduce the presence of HIV infection in patients

Tuberculosis – this bacterial lung infection could be treated by colloidal silver inhaler.

Colloidal silver has been used for 75 years due to the antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.

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