Company To Make Employees Implant Microchip Into Their Body. Would You Work For Them?

Although Three Square Market plans to implant microchips into their employees, the claim the monitoring device does not have GPS capabilities. Why is this Wisconsin company doing it? They want their employees to have keycard-like access to doors, be able to log into computers, make purchases in their break room micro market and to be able to use the copy machine. All the employee will need to do is scan the microchip implanted in their body and they’ll have access to these few benefits. Hopefully the employees will be given a substantial raise for the violation of their privacy imposed on their being.

The company will implant the chip between the employee’s thumb and forefinger. Three Square Market is investing $300 for each chip, yet the company claims that “there’s no GPS tracking at all” inside these chips.

But the public and employees are dubious. They worry that if one company implants chips into their employees, more companies are going to try to violate their bodies like this.

Three Square Market designs software programs that are used in break room markets. And they are apparently “offering” the microchip option to their employees.

This allegedly optional program goes into implementation on August 1st. Employees can choose whether to have the chip implanted into their hand or continue using more traditional means of opening doors and buying snacks like their keycard.

The device which is called an Implanted Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chip gives employees basic access to things like the copy machine.

“Eventually, this technology will become standardized allowing you to use this as your passport, public transit, all purchasing opportunities, etc,” Three Market Square CEO, Todd Westby, said.

The software company bets that more than 50 employees will voluntarily inject the radio frequency chip into their hands. The chip is about as big as a small grain of rice.

Westby wants chipped employees to use the device to scan the items they want to buy and hit pay with a credit card.

But instead of reaching into their wallet to pay for the item, the user will need to raise their hand up to a receive to make payment, much like using a phone to pay for items.

Many people online worry that if corporations are implanting employees with these chips, soon the government will use them to monitor citizens. It would affect elections, taxes and access to our rights.

Here are some thoughts shared on Mail Online:

“soon the government will force us to be implanted with chips at birth. just think of all the good that will come from this. if we are kidnapped they can find us with satellites!”

“Almost everyone has a phone. “There’s an app for that” no need to inject chips into your body. This is a hell no request from an employer. If you do it they have you. If you don’t it will affect you ability to do your job. No one should have that kind of power over you.”

“Any employee who would agree to this, gets what they deserve. Labor unions would never have allowed this. Miss those unions yet?”

Do you think companies and governments should implant chips into people?

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