Conjoined twins were successfully separated by cutting-edge surgery ten years ago; they are now all adults.

Even though there are always threat factors involved with childbirth, when your child is born, you may feel as though a miracle has been performed. No one is more knowledgeable about this than Isabelle and Abby Carlsen’s parents.

These two stunning daughters were born conjoined at the chest and abdomen more than ten years ago, along with a shared liver, small intestine, and two connected hearts.

These babies were truly extraordinary, capturing the attention of people worldwide when they entered the world at the renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

But as physicians prepared to carry out the delicate surgery of separating them, their parents were faced with a difficult choice.

The parents carried a significant amount of anxiety and stress regarding the procedure on their shoulders. According to the Star Tribune, 60 percent of all such treatments resulted in fatalities at the time the twins were separated.

The delicate procedure, which was carried out on May 12, 2006 by a group of 17 doctors, took 12 hours and had many nerve-wracking moments, especially when it came time to sever the liver they shared.

The family endured a lengthy period of anticipation, but fortunately, everything unfolded according to the intended course, and both daughters managed to survive. However, they were obliged to reside within hospital quarters throughout the initial half-year of their existence.

You won’t believe the two girls were formerly conjoined ten years later after seeing how well they are doing!

Abby and Isabelle today hardly recognize themselves in the infant photo of them together.

“Every night, as we look into our bedroom mirror, we wonder how on earth people manage to confuse us.” Abby stated According to CBS News.

According to an interview with their teacher at the time Tiffany Moos, they are now fun girls who enjoy gymnastics, are friends with everyone, and have excelled academically.

Even though they are both extremely independent, every now and then they may cross paths and hold hands.

In the video below, Abby and Isabelle tell their own experience.

What a miracle these two adorable girls are, and what a fantastic surgical team to carry out this procedure.

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