Consume These 8 Foods To Clean The Body From Nicotine

Smoking is very dangerous and it can cause some serious medical conditions. Heart problems, hypertension and lung damage can appear as a result of nicotine from cigarettes.

Nicotine can lead to other problems like insulin sensitivity, diabetes type 2 and it accelerates metabolic syndrome. Smoking also has a negative effect on the pituitary and thyroid functions and it can lower the sex and adrenal hormones.

Nicotine spreads very fast into the body, first it gets into the mouth, the skin, lungs and the mucus and travels through the blood into the brain, just after 10 seconds.

Clean your body from nicotine with these foods:

1. Carrot juice: is rich with vitamins A, B, C and K. It releases the toxins from the body and improves the health of the skin, making it fresh, silky and glowing.

2. Broccoli: contains vitamins B5 and C which are very helpful for the lungs.

3. Kiwi:
 has a high level of vitamins A, C and E, and a smoker lacks these particular vitamins.

4. Spinach:
 is rich with folic acid and many vitamins, and makes the taste of the cigarettes repellent after eating spinach.

5. Water: help to release the buildup toxins and hydrates the body. It is recommended to drink 8-12 glasses of water a day.

6. Orange: contains many nutrients and a lot of vitamin C. It helps with stress and anxiety.

7. Dry herbs: are full with vitamins E and A which can lower the level of nicotine in the body.

8. Pomegranate: improves blood flow and improves the blood.

So with the help of these foods you can clean the body from nicotine and refresh your body.