Cotton swabs aren’t just for your ears. Check out these 8 totally cool ideas

They say you’re not supposed to use cotton swabs to clean out your ears, but they’re still one of the most versatile household items! They’re perfect for everything from removing makeup to cleaning out tight spaces
Believe it or not, they can also be used to make some pretty incredible DIYs. It’s a good thing cotton swabs don’t cost much… because you’re going to want to stock up!
1. Easy painting technique
If you’ve never tried painting with cotton swabs, it’s time to give it a shot. You definitely won’t believe how easy it is to paint these gorgeous flowers!
2. Festive painted trees 
Instead of spending money on Christmas cards this year, grab some cotton swabs and make your own! These festive trees are adorable, and it’s an easy enough project for almost any age.
3. Hand-dotted glasses 
Brighten up some inexpensive tumblers using cotton swabs and enamel acrylic paint! It’s hard to go wrong with these as long as you choose colors that go well together, and they’d make great Christmas presents.
4. Lamb craft 
Spring is still a few months away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about your Easter decorations! These would look great on your mantle, but they could also be used as place card holders for Easter dinner.
5. Miniature weaving loom 
This is such a clever way to keep the little ones entertained, especially if they’ve shown any interest in weaving or knitting! They’re a great way to practice fine motor skills, and you could group a few of them together to make a unique piece of wall art.
6. Watercolor garland 
You don’t need a special paintbrush to make beautiful watercolor paintings! This is such a gorgeous way to fill up an empty wall. You don’t need great artistic skills to pull this project off — the paintings here were made by 4 year olds!
7. Glitter snowflakes 
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! This is the perfect craft for the next time you’re stuck inside because of a snowstorm. They would look so pretty hanging from the ceiling or attached onto the wall!
8. Anthropologie-inspired flowers 
It might be winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop decorating with cheerful, colorful flowers. These gorgeous flowers were modeled after some decorative blooms seen in an Anthropologie store, and they’re so stylish!

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