The couple kills a lion and smiles for the photo. What happens seconds later in the background makes my hair stand on end.

This couple proudly leaned over the captured lion and posed for a photo, smiling right above the dead animal. But the trophy hunters have no idea of ​​the danger looming behind their backs:

The video, which has already been clicked on over 13 million times on YouTube, shows a lion taking revenge for his killed comrade. The video is not real and neither lions nor humans were harmed during its production.

However, the issue raised by the video producers is very real. Millions of lions, rhinoceroses, elephants and other exotic animals are killed each year for sheer human pleasure. Contrary to the people in the video, trophy hunters in real life usually get away with their insidious acts. By signing this petition, you are making a commitment to end this cruel and senseless killing. Let’s act before it’s too late for the animals that are close to disappearing from this planet forever.

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