As we are all know, cancer is by far the deadliest disease of the modern society we live in, and unfortunately, scientists have been working hard to find a cure for it without any success for decades. There have been many talented scientists and researchers that have dedicated their lives in hopes of finding a cure, and in the process, managed to discover a number of natural alternatives which can successfully replace chemotherapy and radiation in the future.

The most recent promising alternative cancer treatment has surfaced in Cuba, where a group of scientists with a small budget have been able to develop a powerful vaccine against cancer, which has by now cured more than 4000 people. As soon as the news reached the scientific community, it immediately gained attention, and now many doctors worldwide claim that a cure has been found.

What is even more impressive is that the vaccine has cued people from advanced stages of cancer, and best of all – it does not cause any unpleasant side-effects unlike chemotherapy.

The way this vaccine works is that it attacks a protein known as EGF, responsible for the growth of lung cancer cells, and thus prevents the tumor from spreading. Then the CIMAvax vaccine reinforces the immune system and accelerates the production of antibodies which bind to EGF, stopping the cancer cells from feeding and thus, making them die out. This improves the longevity of the patient, reduces the pains the patient is feeling and relieves the symptoms. After just a few therapies, patients start to gain weight back, regain their appetite and energy as well.

While there is still more research to be conducted on this vaccine, thanks to its efficiency and incredible results, the product has already been shipped to a number of countries worldwide.

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