Customers Not Happy About Sign On Front Door. KFC’s Response: Too Bad, It Stays Up

Police officers and other members of law enforcement have had it rough over the last few years. They’ve been the target of heinous attacks, been thought of as crooked and corrupt and have gone on trial for things normal citizens could never imagine.

But one restaurant in Gallipolis, Ohio is working to make sure that the men and women in uniform understand that they’re valued and cared for. So the owner of the restaurant hung a sign in the front window – and it’s raising some eyebrows!

The sign states, “All uniformed police officers eat free everyday.” This is to prove to them that they have the city’s respect and that all of their hard work and dedication is definitely appreciated. A free warm meal is the perfect way to recharge their body’s and mind’s, which in turn, will keep the streets of Gallipolis even safer!

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