Dad Buys Old Doors For $10 And Transforms Them Into Gorgeous Pieces For The Home

In a tough economy, it’s difficult to purchase new furniture for your home, let alone works of art for your walls. Repurposed furniture and repurposed antiques make for an excellent addition to your interior decorations.

A dad purchased one of these doors for $10 and posted about it on Pinterest. The transformation added a great deal to their home, which kept us wondering what other possible uses there could be for repurposed doors in the home.

The following 16 photos feature some fantastic repurposed doors shared through Pinterest that will spark some great ideas of what you can do with some of these old doors lying around.

1) After: Here, the door the dad repurposed showcases some fantastic, weathered looking art design and serves as a work of art. It adds a great deal of texture and esthetic to the wall that would otherwise have been left barren.

2) Gazebo: This delightful and rustic gazebo is made out of two old repurposed doors to function as a structure that would work great at a wedding, in a backyard, or even just in a garden somewhere. What a great use of an old material like that.

3) Light Fixture: Someone took this old door and transformed it into a striking light fixture inside this country-style kitchen. Some vintage-looking lamps added to this frame, making it a great statement piece.

4) Bookshelf: Here, a carpenter has taken the wooden inserts from the door frame, and popped them horizontally to create shelves. The new shelves are cut in such a way to allow the door to lean against the wall naturally. This is such a fantastic idea for any home, not to mention a creative way to add shelving to your living space.

5) Corner Shelf: A clever craftsman turned this old door into a corner shelf unit that would liven up any boring corner of your home. It can be used for displays of antiques, collectibles or even to show off some fun books.

6) Wine Rack: Who would have thought that an old door could make for an elaborate wine rack? This person drilled holes into an old door, and surprisingly only has 2 bottles of wine for the entire rack. If this was a rack in our place, it would be filled!

7) Headboard: These two antique barn doors have found new life inside this home. Placed behind a queen or king sized bed, a set of double doors of any style would really liven up a room. Instead of being put out to the trash, it’s great to find life by repurposing these doors.

8) Coffee Table: This old pane door found a new home as a coffee table after some TLC was given to it. A set of four old bench legs or table legs were repainted and fixed to this door frame, and a new glass cut to the size of the door makes for a wonderful and unique coffee table.

9) Hallway Bench: This old door has been repurposed as a decorative bench for a front hall or foyer. Some chicken wire adds a great deal of texture. The colors are very nice as well.

10) Display Case: Someone has taken this old pane door and turned it into a unique display case for a bunch of photographs and memories. It looks rustic and vintage and adds a great deal of character to the decor.

11) Wall Art: Here, someone has taken a pane door and turned it on its side to create the illusion of a headboard but more as a work of art on the wall. Tea lights and a rose print really add a nice touch to this country-style look.

12) Mirror: This closet door has been given new life as a dynamic wall-mirror for a girl’s bedroom. A custom mirror cut to fit the door frame makes this a unique piece that will likely remain in the family for a while.

13) Outdoor Table: This old door might have ended up in a dump somewhere, but instead it was recycled as an outdoor table for potted plants. Purchasing four matching legs, they can easily be screwed into a door frame like this, and make for a unique addition to your front porch.

14) Chalkboard: An old door frame like this has been transformed into an amazing chalkboard. Something like this would look great in any room of the home, from using it for a home office to adding shopping lists in the kitchen. If you owned a trendy bistro, this would look great as a Menu Board up on the wall.

15) Garden Shed Walls: Here, an avid gardener has taken it upon themselves to add these old doors to an old shed to give it more life and style.

16) Garden Lattice: Instead of using an old lattice made out of wood, this person repurposed an old screen door using chicken wire to create a lattice for ivy to grow off of. This could be used to cultivate tomatoes, create a beautiful backdrop for growing Brugmansia – more commonly known as “the trumpet flower” or “angel’s trumpets.” You could even use it to grow beans!