Dad-of-5 fired when he asked to self-isolate because of son on life support

A dad-of-five claims he was fired from his job after telling bosses he needed to self-isolate to protect his seriously-ill step-son, as per reports.

The Daily Mirror today carries the story of how landscape gardener Adam Dobbs said he received an urgent email from government health bosses on Monday that warned him to isolate due to coronavirus.

Adam’s step-son, Leo Mitchell, is extremely vulnerable to the virus as he suffers from a rare condition known as Infantile Pompe disease, which affects only around 30 children in the whole of the UK.

The condition means sugars harmfully enlarge Leo’s vital organs. The boy is currently on life support and even a minor infection could kill him, as per the Liverpool Echo.

Given the seriousness of Leo’s situation, Adam bringing coronavirus home is a life or death matter. As a result, he contacted his bosses at Firtree Landscapes Ltd, based in Birkenhead, England, to discuss his options.

As per reports, however, he was fired just hours later. Moreover, Firetree haven’t explained why.

Credit / Adam Dobbs

The message sent to Adam firing him reads:

“Apologies for this email, but I have been trying to contact you on the phone.

“I am writing to terminate your contract of employment with effect from close of play yesterday, this is due to not following company policies and procedures.

“Once I have all the necessary information together, I will formally write to you.


Adam believes he’s been the victim of unfair dismissal. He said: “What they have done is unnecessary, I don’t know what their problem is, they’ve left me and my family out in the cold at a time of national crisis.

“They have not explained about this failure to follow policy and procedures.”

His firing leaves the family in a precarious financial situation. Adam’s wife is a full-time carer for Leo and is also undertaking a university course.

“I don’t know how we’ll pay the bills,” he said.

“I’m reading up about everything I can, trying to figure how to survive.

“If we don’t sort something soon, it will affect our essentials and food will eventually run out.

“I need to find a way forward out of this, it’s so stressful.”

Our thoughts go out to Adam at this terrible time. We can only hope his situation is fixed sooner rather than later.

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