Dad tosses old dining table, builds a gorgeous new one with his bare hands

Imgur user MidnightXII walked into his dining room one day and felt empty. There was something missing here. He felt that his current arrangement and setup was off, so he decided to fix it.

This is what his dining room looked before. While the French doors are fabulous, the dining table and chairs look antiquated and boring.

Once he removed the table, the room looked beautiful. Now he just needed to create a dining table fitting of this gorgeous room…

He started out measuring the space and attached a long wood plank to the wall.

Then, he nailed in support at each wall stud.

Afterwards, he created seat supports for every 20 inches of space.

The vertical and horizontal supports provide needed support to the structure he’s building.

Each support is anchored to both the floor and drywall

Once he lays the flat plywood on top, his design starts to make sense. He’s creating a booth!

Three 2-inch foam cushions are added on top to provide extra comfort to each seat.

Then, he staples upholstery to each seat to protect it against stains and give it aesthetic appeal.

All the seats are upholstered!

The seats are really starting to emerge and look like actual seats.

A few adjustments must be made to ensure that the bead board lays flush against the window trim.

Because the bench covered the wall vent, he drilled a hole through the bench to let air pass.

Air can now flow freely into the room naturally.

This already looks so much better than his previous boring table.

A border keeps the edges of the cushion in place.

He opted for pure white wood instead of natural wood to create a neat contrast.

Adding a pair of sturdy table legs and a wood tabletop really brings the family dining booth together.

This is such an awesome improvement. I want this in my home!

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