Denver nurse has important message for protestors who oppose government lockdown

Everyone wants life to get back to some sense of normal. There’s no debating that. But what many have come to debate is how quickly we should return to normality.

For days, thousands of Americans have protested outside of governors’ homes and state capitol buildings. Some Americans want their governors to reopen their states as officials stand firm on their stay-at-home orders.

While some vocally disagree with political leaders’ decisions, a Denver nurse has an important message for those who believe it’s time to go back to pre-quarantine life.

“I get it, we all want to be outside,” Alexis told 9News. “If you don’t think for one second that I would rather be on a chairlift in Breckenridge, you’re crazy. I get it. I don’t want to be stuck in my house either. I don’t think many people at all are enjoying this. That’s not the point.”

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Stop calling this the front lines. We are not soldiers. We might be brave like soldiers but- We haven’t been prepared like soldiers. Our training costs more than any other college major. Many of us are paying off hundreds or thousands of dollars every month in student loans. We are expected to work without the equipment we need. Do you expect soldiers to run into battle without protection? Do you expect soldiers to stay quiet when things aren’t safe? No. Many of us will walk away from this with crippling medical debt from infections we acquired on the job. Some of us will have to walk away from the profession all together. Some of us will get sick. Too many of us will die. PTSD for the ones that don’t. Wearing bandanas as masks Trash bags as gowns In the richest country on earth. One Trillion to Wall Street each day- but masks is asking too much? Have you ever seen a soldier crowdsource for weapons? Why are nurses crowdsourcing PPE? We didn’t sign up for this. We didn’t sign up to risk our lives because the government doesn’t want to pay to properly protect us. Wearing a single use surgical mask for 36 hours. Rationing equipment based off who is likely to survive. FaceTiming the mothers, children, and spouses of our patients as they lay dying. Bickering with the President for the supplies we desperately need. But here we are. So I guess what I’m trying to say is- If we prepare soldiers for battle the best we can Can we afford to prepare our nurses, too? Mr. President; If this is really the front lines, Can we start acting like it?

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The Denver nurse, who doesn’t work with coronavirus patients but still encounters an increased risk just by going to work and must deal with the effects, became angry when she looked out her window and saw so many people protesting the governor’s order.

“It really feels like a slap in the face to medical workers,” she said.

While hundreds were reported to have marched in Denver on Sunday, two people dressed in healthcare uniforms stood in a silent counter-protest as those in vehicles attempted to make their voices heard.

The photos, shot by Alyson McClaran, have gone viral.

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