Despite her leaving Instructions for the repairman, he chose to disregard them.

A significant number of individuals employed as handymen discover their job to be captivating. Each day brings unexpected challenges and occasionally even surprises. One thing that any repairman emphasizes is the importance of attentively following instructions. Neglecting instructions can lead to trouble, as demonstrated by the repairman in this particular incident who found himself in a highly unfavorable predicament.

Laura contacted a repairman after her dishwasher stopped functioning. Anticipating her work obligations the following day, she instructed the repairman as follows: “I’ll leave the key beneath the doormat. Please repair the dishwasher, leave the invoice on the countertop, and I’ll send you a check by mail.” Additionally, she added, “By the way, there’s no need to concern yourself with my bulldog, Bob. He won’t disturb you. However, I must emphasize, in no uncertain terms, that you must not engage in conversation with my parrot! I repeat, under any circumstances, avoid interacting with my parrot!”

Upon the repairman’s arrival at Laura’s apartment the next day, he encountered the most enormous and intimidating bulldog he had ever come across. Yet, true to her words, the dog simply remained on the carpet observing the repairman’s activities. On the other hand, the parrot drove him to the point of madness with its relentless shouting, profanity, and offensive remarks. Eventually, the repairman reached his breaking point and exclaimed, “Silence, you foolish, unattractive bird!”

In response, the parrot cunningly exclaimed, “Bob, attack!”

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