Dog leads the police to his house for help – this is a true hero!

It was a cold and quiet winter morning in Wisconsin when police officer Jeff Gonzalez caught sight of a black Labrador on the street.

The dog was running up and down all of the neighborhood streets, but the police officer could tell that it wasn’t a stray dog. What he did notice was that the dog seemed very worried about something. When Jeff drove his car closer to the dog, he jumped around frantically — then began to run at full speed up the street.

The police listened to his gut feeling — and followed the dog.

It turned out that the police officer was right, and he had read the dog’s behavior correctly.

Before he knew it he was standing in front of a house, and it seemed to be where the dog lived.

Then, on the balcony, he saw an unconscious woman. She lay completely still on a chair, still wearing pajamas. Her lips were blue from the cold and at first, Jeff thought she was dead.

But she wasn’t dead.

Swift reaction

Jeff acted quickly and brought the woman into the heat while calling an ambulance. He later found out that her name was Krystal, and that the dog, John Boy, belonged to her. John Boy had been worried about his mom, and it was almost like he realized that a police officer was the right person to find for help.

The quick actions of John Boy and then Jeff saved Krystal’s life. She fully recovered in the hospital.

In the video below you can hear more about what happened from Krystal. And above all, in the clip, real-life heroes John Boy and Jeff are reunited!

Dogs are so wise. What would we do without them?

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